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Power requirements

Upper limits

Reasonable upper limits to peak and cumulative power usage.

Cumulative: 20 kWh per day per capita (Norway, European maximum), household is 2-3 times this

Peak: 6 kW per household


Typical off-grid

Example for single household as per reference below:

Generation: 3 * 240 W = 720 W PV (60 cells/panel)

Storage: 8 * 100 Ah / 3.2V cells for a total of 24V

Cumulative: 100kWh/month maximum (around 4kWh per day, rounded to ceiling) per household (including cooking)

Peak: 2 kW per household


Schoon Schip

191.192 kWh/Yr divided by 47 households yields 11 kWh per household per day